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LED Smart, Inc’s FLZ Series Shipboard LED Lamps Receive Official US Navy Qualification

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada – 21 December 2016

LED Smart Inc was qualified as a supplier for the United States Navy with their FLZ series shipboard LED tube on 21 October 2016.  LED Smart designed, built a new LED lamp that has passed the rigorous first article test requirements of the Naval Sea Systems Command.

LED Smart has provided a shipboard LED lighting solution that in comparison to the old LED technology increases the lumens produced, adds 20% longer lamp life and offers a 50% weight reduction, as well as a significantly reduced price than the previous supplier.

Through smart design LED Smart has mitigated the threat of cyber-attack and computer hacking that exists with other LED products that utilize micro-processors.  LED Smart has received compliments from the Naval Sea Systems command for its innovation and attention to detail in providing a lighting solution that outperforms the old product at an affordable price with a focus on the security of the sailor.

LED Smart has received orders for the FLZ product from the Department of Defense, Defense contractors and shipbuilders.  Allied military fleets have also shown interest in using this affordable LED lighting option for their existing fleets.

LED Smart looks forward to a banner year in 2017 as we serve the United States Navy as a vendor.

About LED Smart

LED Smart Inc. was established in October 1995.  Headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta, with over 20 years of experience, it has a variety of LED and electronic contracts with private and governmental agencies.  It has seven (7) years of experience with the US and Canadian Military projects.  It is an electronic assembly manufacturer and a developer of advanced, innovative LED lighting technologies. It holds a series of patented technologies, a mature production technology, and a sophisticated research and development team.