– LED Smart has been granted new US Patent #8,791,650 B2 LED Lighting System which covers many kinds and a large amount of LED lighting products on the current market. For more information please contact patents@ledsmart.com
– LED Smart awarded LED Lighting retrofit for final stages of Calgary Transit’s U2 cars. This final stage would be the wrap up to the complete conversion of all Calgary’s current C-Train vehicles to LED lighting.
– LED Smart via Stouch Lighting has completed the retrofit of the Cecil B. Moore station for SEPTA (Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority). The first half of the project was completed in October 2013, with the final portion of the station being completed in February.
– LED Smart awarded project for retrofitting additional SEPTA rail platforms, via Gexpro.


– LED Smart has been granted new Canadian Patent #2,651,224 LED Lighting System which covers most LED linear lights including LED Tube Lights. For more information please contact sales@ledsmart.com
– Some of the cities that are in use of LED Smart Inc.’s transportation light systems include the following: Boston, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Vancouver (BC), Portland, Tucson, Calgary, Edmonton, Cleveland, Winnipeg, and Toronto. Our additional projects are with the U.S. AMTRAK, Seattle, Mexico City, Spain and the Hong Kong MTR.
– LED Smart Inc. is continuing to negotiate with some large lighting companies for the mass production and supply of conventional T8/T10 LED lighting tubes. LED Smart Inc. is going to be the supplier of conventional LED lighting tubes across North America and other parts of the world.
– LED Smart through its distributor NABI (North American Bus Industries) awarded LED Lighting Retrofit for Cleveland’s GCRTA rail line. As part of the overhaul the lighting system will receive a full retrofit to be carried out over the next year.
– LED Smart awarded contract from Dew Engineering to supply the MLF Series style work lights for work stations inside of Canada’s MSVS shelter systems.


– LED Smart has been granted new US Patent #8,115,411 LED Lighting System which covers LED linear lights. For more information please contact sales@ledsmart.com
– LED Smart Inc. began to accept the bulk orders of the Canadian military MSVS project, and we have begun delivery.
– LED Smart Inc. became a member of the U.S. high-speed rail committee, specifically in regard to the California HSR project.
– LED Smart Inc. also became involved in developing a new defense product for the militaries of Canada, the USA and Nato countries. LED Smart Inc. will provide these militaries with our own, proprietary design, of an advanced mobile tactical LED military lighting system.


– LED Smart receives patent recognition in China for LED Lighting System for LED linear light.
– on the basis of developing existing products and expanding existing markets, LED Smart Inc. has dedicated itself to the special needs of military procurement and oil mining lighting systems. This series of products have strict product safety standards, including waterproof, explosion-proof, as well as a back-up emergency function for use in harsh environments. This series of products are now included in the procurement pre-selection list for a Canadian Department of Defense project.
– LED Smart receives large contract to supply its Mini Light LED lighting systems for telecom shelters with Bell Canada Enterprises.
– LED Smart completes a 245 bus retrofit for Coast Mountain Bus in Vancouver, British Columbia.
– LED Smart completes 25 new car install in Siemens cars for Edmonton Transit.


– LED Smart receives MIL-STD-461 certification (Military Electromagnetic Interference Standard) on our low voltage 24V DC LED fluorescent replacement lamps.
– Vancouver’s Coast Mountain Bus Company retrofitted the 288 bus interior light systems with LED Smart Inc.’s transit replacement lamp products.
– Newark, NJ’s Hudson Bergen Lines’ of 52 light rail vehicles were retrofitted with LED Smart Inc.’s low voltage LED rail lighting system. This has significantly improved the lighting in those vehicles and reduced the power consumption by at least 20%.
– LED Smart releases its first T5 direct fluorescent replacement LED light tube.
–  LED Smart begins to market its series of fixture lighting and releases its first T5 direct fluorescent replacement LED light tube.
– LED Smart is officially listed with ETL on our series of high voltage (90V – 277V) fluorescent replacement LED light tubes. LED Smart has high brightness as well as high uniformity LED light tubes in our high voltage series. Please contact us for more details.
– LED Smart R&D team develops low-cost LED tube for cooler and refrigeration lighting. Available for 120V AC, 220V AC & 277V AC. Contact sales@ledsmart.com for more information.
– LED Smart develops new FLN series high voltage lamp from 90V AC – 300V AC, with high efficiency and high power factor.
– LED Smart develops high output LED lamps with new high efficiency SMD LEDs. These lamps are equipped with 30% more lumens. Contact LED Smart for pricing.


– LED Smart Inc. supplied the new LED lighting products for the retrofit of 74 light rail train cars for Edmonton Transit.
– working with AAI/Textron LED Smart modified and upgraded our Mini Light LED lighting system that is still used to this day for the U.S. unmanned military aircraft control stations. The sales of this product have expanded since its inception and now include other customers such as Lockheed Martin.
– LED Smart’s transportation lighting products have successfully passed the vibration and EMI(FCC) testing.
– Through NABI (North American Bus Industries); San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) has installed our premium transit LED lighting system on two of their buses.
– Working with Weatherhaven and Dewbridge to outfit the Canadian Military with shelter lighting, LED Smart passes EMI and RF free testing on its Energy Saving Economy line of fluorescent replacement LED light tubes. This also complies with the MIL-STD-461 standard for the control of electromagnetic interference characteristics of subsystems and equipment.


LED Smart Inc. cooperated with Siemens and Calgary Transit to have our LED Rail lighting system installed in a total of 108 new and refurbished rail vehicles. Once again, LED Smart Inc. has become the first to install LED lights to the passenger trains in North America and had caused great repercussions in the industry. LED Smart Inc.’s rail transportation lighting system has been used in many cities throughout North America.


LED Smart Inc. began to work with VeriFone (previously Clear Channel), the largest advertising agency in the United States. They switched the existing taxi advertising lighting system to a LED Smart Inc. developed LED lighting system for a taxi top. Now in New York and other major U.S. cities, there are about 30,000 taxi advertising canopies that have been installed with LED Smart Inc.’s taxi top products.
Motor Coach Industries, one of the largest manufacturer of automotive coaches in the USA, started a continuous ongoing bulk order of LED transportation lighting with LED Smart Inc. In recent years, the volume of these orders continued to grow.


LED Smart Inc. developed and produced the first generation of LED lights for transit bus use; these were installed in Orange County, California, the USA in the first non-fluorescent lighting system in North American transit. As a milestone in the history of North American transit, this has been written into the history of the development of American Transit.


LED Smart Inc. became Philip’s (previously Ardee’s) supplier of decorative lights and we began mass production that continues to today.